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Content creation is a modern way of marketing that facilitates entrepreneur to reach their specific target audience with very low cost of investment, being affordable,

it’s also a great tool for small business owners and start-ups. It doesn’t require to push a product forward so that before the market launch you can analyse the audience needs and can make them buy your product later.

Content writing is abolishing the traditional way of marketing called advertisements, according to the content council, that is a global non-profit organisation, their studies show 61 % of people are more likely to buy a company’s products when that company provides content that is uniquely tailored to a specific audience. and according to marketing hub content, 70 % of consumers prefer becoming familiar with a company through articles and content rather than advertisements.

For content writing first, you have to identify your sweet spot. A sweet spot is a combination of your knowledge, skills and passion.
For example entrepreneur, Andy Schneider’s passion is teaching and his unique skill is raising chickens in his backyard, so with this combination, he started taking regular meetings about backyard poultry in Atlanta. It takes some time to reach your target audience. Finding your sweet spot makes it easy to be consistent with the competition.

After finding out your sweet spot it comes to content design, it must be unique and different from other existing ones, and it must be catchy for audience .you can identify customer needs through social media and online surveys, and can offer unique services regarding your sweet spot to attract them to your platform.

Finding out a right platform is also a task, you must find out the channel suitable to get connected to your target audience, it may be -youtube, podcast, blog, word press website or a printed magazine.

For a successful business, it is important to keep in touch with the target audience, try to turn them into loyal ones and hold them, and analyse the business performance from time to time. You can use a content calendar to stay organised and on track, to deliver creative content over a long time period. for example, you might want to see if your content got the right amount of positive feedback, or if it increased sales over a certain period of time. By keeping track of such things, you’ll be able to learn and adjust.

To improve your business you can use SEO techniques, diversification, and can buy existing content assets. SEO is search engine optimization that increases the chances of getting your content picked.

Diversifying is simply adding different channels, to position yourself as an industry leader, who offers his audience more than just one blog or youtube channel, but it should be only expanded to another channel once your first channel has secured loyal audience.

And at last buying content assets, this is something where content providers who already have a platform as well as an audience in the area you’re looking to expand to. If you want to expand quickly, it makes sense to buy an existing asset and absorb their existing audience, rather than building a new one from the ground up.

There are many opportunities for generating income with your content right from the start, Once you’re up and running, you can experiment with different revenue streams to figure out what works. And don’t forget to listen to your audience. Opportunities can come from customer feedback or from someone who heard you speak at an event.

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