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Students look to levitate their careers to new heights when they align themselves to an institute. The respected hallows of an institute helps students acquire a large amount of knowledge, while Mentora aligns itself with the institute to contribute in developing the personality of a student. This results in a holistically developed individual ready for a successful corporate career.
Lifeshiksha ‘s experiential learning methodology sensitizes students to reflect on dimensions which have been left unexplored. From induction programs to soft skills trainings, leadership trainings and Management Development Programs, we don’t leave any stone unturned for the expedited learning of an individual.

Employability Training Program

At Lifeshiksha , we have been collaborating with various Educational Institutes to help bridge the gap between employment and employability. We have created internship programs with various universities, sent senior Lifeshiksha Champions to university campuses to share their knowledge, and hosted “live projects” to enhance students’ skills.

Our Learning & Development team in India has even developed a campus-to-corporate initiative which has been extremely well accepted by educational institutes. This Program trains students on the skills that real-world businesses seek in a prospective candidate.

Through such initiatives, Lifeshiksha and the corporate world can collaboratively enhance employability among Indian university graduates.

Campus to Corporate Transition Program

The transition from Campus to a corporate environment is a big adjustment for many graduates. Expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are very different than those in College. There are unspoken nuances and social norms that young India is completely unaware of and adjusting to a professional environment can be extremely challenging as also traumatic to a few.

The youth of India needs to be prepared for the changes and ready to adapt in order to thrive in the ALL NEW professional world

The challenges are many, much to learn

  • Confidence in their ability to perform the job.
  • Demonstrate the fact that they understand.
  • Blend into the new environment
  • Peer Pressure
  • Work effectively individually and as well be a team player

Campus to Corporate model of Training Programs aims to make the transition easy. It would be a definite boost to their personal contribution and performance levels in the organization. A capable Trainer/ Mentor at this point would bring in the comfort zone for them to familiarize themselves with the work culture. This program is aimed at directing the new executive to get in tune with the VISION of the Organization

Campus to Corporate will be the bridge adding value and providing training on the basics of

  • Professional conduct
  • Fundamentals of communication
  • How to make a good first impression
  • Positive attitude
  • Erase fear factors and many more……

Faculty Effectiveness Workshops

It’s not about what you have, It’s all about how you give.
At Lifeshiksha, we are rooted in the very belief that the teachers are the back bone of any progress, from a society to a country; a teacher silently shapes the future. We at Lifeshiksha warmly extend or hands in sharing this valuable thought through our NLP champions to every teacher of this country.

Parenting Workshops

At Lifeshiksha , we believe that conscious parenting is a choice and everything we discuss is built on this very foundational belief.

Conscious Parenting Workshop Offers : 

  • Techniques for building bridges and strengthening the parent-children relationship.
  • Building communication foundations, building your child’s confidence, and developing your skills.
  • Understanding that parenting is an art and not a science.
  • Guide lines to help you to cope with life and its extraordinary ups and downs and develop an inner strength that protects you from being ravaged in life.
  • Guidelines to nourish and maintain healthy relationships.

Program Highlights

  • Discipline
  • Enjoy the moment with your child
  • Pursue excellence
  • Aims and Objectives of Education
  • Games of the Mind and intellect.

Guest Lectures

We proudly arrange for experts from both academia and industry for guest lectures to various educational institutes in India.

Our panel of experts and resource persons include experienced people with hands on expertise in not only their core area but also in handling audiences through their oratory skills.

Our experts come from the following industries/areas:

  • Banking and Fincance
  • Manufacturing
  • Software and I.T.
  • Human Resurces
  • Training & Development
  • Automobiles
  • Marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • Aims and Objectives of Education
  • Games of the Mind and intellect.

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